CLS powered speaker

The CLS speaker is designed to deliver premium sound quality, with a minimum of installation effort. Installing a complete System 9 sound system is a matter of hours, not days.

Quality and flexibility

With advanced DSP, Class D amplification, digital crossovers and premium acoustics, the CLS speaker will deliver an outstanding new dimension to the retail music experience. With a robust and dedicated network, System 9 delivers music with no interruptions and superb CD quality sound. It’s easy to setup, providing wireless music within seconds.

Trackbased power 

Click and play, the CLS speaker suits any 117 V to 230V track system for lights. Power from the track and a wireless signal -  it can't be any simpler to install. Changing the placement of the sound is as easy as changing the placement of the lights. The CLS can deliver full power of music even if lights are dimmed down to 25%.


Wireless features
Built-in wireless receiver
Wireless full CD audio quality
No interference or delays
RF band (WIFI): 2.4 GHz
Sample rate: 48 KHz
Dedicated proprietary network protocol
Range: 20–100 m depending on conditions
Channel sniffing and frequency hopping
3 channels with 10 ID codes on each channel
Wired option with balanced in/outputs

Type: Powered wireless loudspeaker with DSP,
2 way bass reflex cabinet. Can be used in wired set-up.
Amplifier: 2x25 W (digital Class D)
Tweeter: 0.75” soft dome
Woofer: 4.5” 
Frequency range: 60–22.000 Hz
Crossover frequency: 4300 Hz (24 dB/octave L/R)
Balanced input and output for wired mode
Dimensions HxWxD: 155x155x240 mm
(without mounting bracket and GA69 track fixture.
Weight: 2.4 kg


No cables, amazingly easy

The CLS is designed to take advantage of existing tracks for lighting. Power from the tracks, audio signal in the air wirelessly. No cables whatsoever.

Snap & play, trackbased power, wireless audio

The CLS comes with the most common 220V track fixture for easy installation. 

Premium sound quality

High quality drivers, combined with advanced DSP controlled digital amplifiers and solid acoustic engineering gives a sound quality above the rest

Premium design

Innovative speaker design to deliver premium sound quality and flexibility in placement.

Wireless or wired, or mix them

All System 9 components are able to be used in a wireless, wired or mix wireless+wired setup.

3 WiFi channels, 6 different volume zones

All System 9 speakers are capable of receiving 3 different wifi channels. And each speaker can be set to 6 different volume zones.