System 9 products

Go wireless, wired or mix them up.

With the System 9 digital music experience, Sonab Audio dictates the future of audio. Digital music is mainstream. Sonab Audio gives you the freedom to experience music with an easy-to-set-up, flexible  system for your store, office, restaurant or  hotel environment. Like any eco-system, the individual parts integrate to make a greater whole.

CLS powered speaker

The CLS speaker is designed to deliver premium sound quality, with a minimum of installation effort. Installing a complete Sonab System 9 is a matter of hours, not days.

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CSW powered subwoofer

CSW subwoofer is a flat subwoofer designed for powerful bass and discrete placement. 

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CTX wireless transmitter

The wireless heart of the System 9, the CTX transmitter offers a reliable, sturdy Wi-Fi network with perfect CD quality, wireless transmission.

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CVM wireless volume master

The CVM is the center for controlling volume in the Sonab System 9 in a wireless setup. Controls overall master volume and the 6 different volumes zones.

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CGV wired volume master

The CGV is the heart of the System 9 system when going for an all wired setup. Connects sound sources with the speakers, and controls volume.

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CVX external volume control

The CVX's purpose is to place a master volume control in a convenient location.

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CWB wall bracket

CWB bracket is an optional wall bracket or table stand for the CLS speaker. Use CWB when no lighting tracks are available.

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CEX wireless range extender

CEX extends the Sonab wireless audio network and bypasses difficult wifi conditions. 

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