Sonab System 9

Get on track with Sonab System 9 premium wireless sound system. Easy installation - no speaker cables. System 9 is a wireless sound system designed to deliver a premium in-store audio experience.

Guts & Glory

With the System 9 sound experience, Sonab Audio dictates the future of premium audio in retail.  Digital music is mainstream.  Sonab Audio gives you the freedom to experience music with an easy-to-set-up, flexible  system for your store, office, restaurant or  hotel environment.  Sonab System 9 delivers extraordinary, innovative wireless sound proven to enhance any store experience and increase sales.  Innovation is here - no guts, no glory.


Light & sound

Sonab System 9 derives from one simple truth; many stores, offices and hotels in the world have track lighting.  Using the power already available in these systems, you can easily add a System 9 and connect a transmitter to any available sound source to play instant, wireless music.  Wherever there is light, there can also be sound.


Freedom & flexibility

System 9 provides tremendous flexibility in speaker placement. Changing speaker locations and positions is a snap. No need for extensive refurbishments or additional installations, you can do it yourself and have total control of your investment. System 9 will play music from any sound source, such as PC/MAC, NAS, TV, media player, mp3 player, iPhone/iPad dock, Airport Express, sat box receiver, smart phone and more...


Time & money 

Quick and cost efficient installation, flexible placement and easily change the sound when interior design change. The System 9 is developed for an ever changing world. As the system is so easy to install, it's also easy to take down and bring to a new location. 


Failsafe & reliable

With a robust and dedicated network, System 9 delivers music in a reliable way with no time delay and superbly crisp perfect CD sound quality. Three wifi channels and up to 10 different ID Codes ensures non-interference between multiple System 9 system in close proximity, such as in shopping malls.


Track & range 

Sonab System 9 's wireless network range is up to 40 meters in normal environments and 100 meters if the receiving loudspeakers are in line of sight of the transmitter, providing many placement possibilities. With our CEX wireless extenders, the network can be extended up to 30m in up to 3 directions, or used to work around Wi-Fi obstacles. For difficult Wi-Fi conditions, use System 9's wired option for failsafe performance.


Wireless or wired, or mix them both

The System 9 is designed for total wireless freedom. If your location has difficult Wi-Fi conditions, we have the solution. Every speaker is capable of receiving both wireless and wired signals. Start with wireless mode. If the premise has dark spots for Wi-Fi, simply connect a cable from one of the speakers and problem solved. Any one speaker/subwoofer receiving a wireless signal can be connected via cable to as many speakers as you like. You can also completely hard-wire the System 9. All wired connections are with high quality balanced input/outputs.


Levels & zones 

The Sonab System 9 provides for up to 6 different volume zones. For example, have a higher volume level at the entrance to make an impact, lower at the cashier's area to have conversations with customers, a general level in the main areas and a little lower in the dressing rooms. The subwoofers have their own volume zone to adjust bass levels.  All zones are easily adjusted with the CVM wireless volume control. Completely hard-wired System 9 set-up use the CVG volume control. Each speaker has a manual volume control for setting individual levels.