Installation tips

Installing the Sonab System 9 is quick and easy. To get the most out of the system and make installation a true joy, we have some quick tips to make the system sing.

What's needed for a typical Sonab System 9 installation. This is just a general guide, every location has its own conditions.

Area 100sqm:
4 x CLS speakers
1 x CSW subwoofer
1 x CTX transmitter
1 x CVM volume master



Preferably place the CTX transmitter as central as possible in the location. The transmitter sends the signal evenly around it.






Preferably place all wireless components on approximately the same height. This to ensure best wireless connection.






Each CLS speakers covers approximately 25-30 square meters. Depending on how high up the speakers are placed, you might need to add more CLS to get same coverage and sound pressure.





If the distance between computer and CTX transmitter is more than 2 m, an active USB cable is will provide better and more stable performance.