If you are have questions regarding Sonab System9, or are unsure about certain aspects, have look through these FAQ topics first to see if your issue is addressed. Click question to see answer.

What is the Sonab System 9 audio system?

Sonab System 9 is a premium business music system for distributing audio wirelessly in commercial environments.
System 9 is designed to take advantage of existing tracks for lighting to power the speakers.


Where can I use Sonab System 9?

The Sonab System 9 system can be used everywhere, and for optimum installation convenience the CLS speaker uses the same 3-phase tracks that is used for lightening.
The CLS speaker can also be mounted on a separate wall bracket if needed (sold separately), or even on a stand.

What is the wireless range of the transmitter?

In good wifi conditions the system have a range of up to 100m. The wireless range depends very much on how “crowded” the environment is in regards to other wireless networks. In practice it is very much depending on other wireless networks, type of walls (concrete or drywalls), air ducts of metal etc. In worst case the range can be reduced to less than 15m. If wireless range is a problem there is always the possibility to combine wireless installation with wired. Then there is no limit in range.

Can any sound source be connected to the CTX transmitter?

The CTX transmitter can be directly connected with USB to a computer (PC / MAC) and will then stream the sound through USB to the system (like a USB sound card). There is also an option of using the 3,5mm analogue input  of the CTX. Any device that has a 3,5mm or stereo RCA output can be connected. Note that the CTX then needs to be powered by a separate USB power supply through the mini USB port (USB power supply sold separately). 

Is a wireless network network needed?

The Sonab System 9 system creates its own wireless network dedicated to audio.

Can there be different audio levels in different areas?

In the wireless volume control unit, CVM, there is a possibility to change volume independently on 6 zones. You choose on the CLS speaker to which zone it should belong to (A to F). 
For wired installation there is the possibility to create volume areas. This is done manually when mounting the speakers. Each speaker has a volume control that can be set to +/- 20dB in wired mode.  Then the master volume is controlled by the wired volume control unit CGV.

There are no lighting tracks on location, can Sonab System 9 be used anyway?

Yes, the CLS speaker can be used mounted on a wall bracket or a stand and then connected to normal AC outlet. But to take real advantage of the CLS it should be mounted on lightning tracks for optimum installation convenience. This way it is also easy to optimize the installation if anything needs to be changed.

Can there be different music in different areas?



What wireless technology is used in Sonab System 9?

Sonab System 9 uses the 2,4 GHz band to transmit audio within a dedicated proprietary network protocol.
It transmits in full CD audio quality, with no audible delays.

Why is Sonab System 9 system the best choice for retail audio?

With its premium sound and versatile use the System 9 system is the best and at the same times the most installation friendly system on the market. Many stores already uses lightening tracks for spotlights, so installation of the system is easy to do. At the same time it blends in naturally in any store that use lightening tracks.